The events (communities or private)

For communities

Our common passion combined with our personal skills allow us to offer visitors an experience in immersing themselves in places, predefined, through a plot, custom built and adapted to the history and geography of the places (and the values ​​to pass).

The strength of RGI is to rely on six persons, each expert in its field of activity in order to provide you with business added value through our actions and who, networking, enable our customers to benefit from :

  • One summerreliable technology and accessible to all, anywhere, insensitive to weather.
  • Our knowledge of users of Serious Game, by our acquired experience.

Also our team size, its operation and the sharing of common values ​​make it possible to offer customers:

  • A availablity et reactivity maximum
  • A flexibility et adaptation optimal
  • A strength of proposition unique et custom made in response to your needs
  • An enhancement of cultural knowledge of the territory concerned and special consideration of the geographical specificities of the places.

For companies

You want to remobilize your teams, revitalize your employees during a team building?
We can create the custom product you need, according to the objectives to be achieved at the end of the seminar.